9. Fortepiano-Festival Stuttgart 2018

Welcome friends

a warm welcome to the 9. Fortepiano Festival Stuttgart!

While past events gave room to brilliant but not very known composers, we decided to bring in forthcoming events extraordinary female musicians on stage. Three pionieers of classical music will guide our program the next 3 years. Clara Schumann, Fanny Hensel and Louise Farrenc, all outstanding personalities left behind extraordinary fortepiano music you do not want to miss.
All three composers were excellent pianists, composers with critical impact on music styles, teachers, visionaries and managers – shaping the music world that we know today. They challenged existing societal norms and opened the doors for future female composers and musicians in classical music.

The FORTEPIANO-FESTIVAL STUTTGART will give memory and honour to those brilliant but partially forgotten musicians. We are very pleased that we gained the Sophie Drinker Institut as another well-known partner to work with. We thank all those who supported the Fortepiano Konzertverein so that such Festival could become possible.


Yuko Abe-Haueis