Welcome friends

The Fortepiano Festival 2022 is dedicated to the founder of the Kunstlied and pioneer of the music of Romanticism, an outstanding innovator of his time: Franz Schubert. With performances of his works, we follow the seismic that created a distinctive musical space that shaped generations of musicians. Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg), whose 250th birthday is celebrated this year, developed the Romantic literary art form almost simultaneously. The work of both was united in song compositions by Schubert. We would like to give life to the works of Schubert and Novalis with the 13th festival and at the same time make the immediacy of the music of that time real again through the performance with the fortepiano.


We invite you to discover and experience compositions dedicated to this year's Fortepiano Festival 2022, from Schubert to Beethoven to Haydn. Played on historical fortepianos, these works develop a very special charm that takes you into the sound world of the composers and is rarely heard in this form.


Only thanks to numerous supporters and sponsors of the Fortepiano-Konzertverein e.V. this 13th festival can take place. Our heartfelt thanks go to all of them!


I am very much looking forward to seeing you again at our concerts in 2022!




Yuko Abe-Haueis