Welcome friends

welcome to the 9th FORTEPIANO FESTIVAL STUTTGART 2018.


This year, with the Louise Farrenc at the centre, we will continue the three-year cycle of outstanding composers "Pioneers of classical music - Clara Schumann, Fanny Hensel and Louise Farrenc". These personalities distinguished themselves as pianists, epoch-making composers, professors, editors, visionaries and music managers and played a decisive role in shaping the music of their time. They thus broke the social norms of their time.

Louise Farrenc, an excellent pianist and composer, defies Salonese piano music. Grown up in an artists' settlement, she perfects her piano playing with Hummel and Moscheles. Our festival has already dedicated concerts to both composers. The mainstream was alien to her, she wrote chamber music contrary to the opera trend. Her orchestral compositions brought unrest to the male domain of this repertoire. This was recognized - with awards and the appointment as the first female professor for piano. This was a novelty of that time. In a collection of sheet music, she and her husband compiled outstanding but often unknown piano works by numerous composers. She performed these works in a separate concert series and made this music audible. With this festival, in the spirit of Louise Farrenc, we would like to give you the opportunity to rediscover works by well-known composers and contemporaries alongside compositions by Louise Farrenc.

This 9th festival can only take place with numerous supporters. Our sincere thanks go to all of them! Special thanks to the supporters and sponsors of the Fortepiano-Konzertverein e.V., with whose help this project became possible.


Yuko Abe-Haueis